Times Three: One Year In

It’s been one year since the formation of Times Three (we didn’t have our name yet). We really started working together long before then, coming together to tackle big jobs on an as needed basis. It was only after an amazing week at Tales of the Cocktail in New Orleans, creating a Pisco tasting room for the Peruvian Trade Commission, that we all looked at each other and pondered the benefits of working together permanently.

Anyone who’s ever started their own business has a similar story. That moment when it seems like the best idea in the world to start a business. The challenge is understanding how running a business is different from working as a freelancer or managing a large-scale project. However, our design brains are up to the challenge. We look for innovative solutions to running Times Three while looking for innovative ways to meet our clients needs.

So, what has one year brought us? A bigger role at Tales! For the Peruvian Trade Commission, we completed another tasting room plus private dinner and produced an accompanying cocktail book. We were also awarded a project from the Tales of the Cocktail staff, developing event decor for their Spirited Awards gala. Its funny how things circle back around that way. For now, we are happy to have our first year under our belt and we look forward to expanding our current relationships while we create new ones.

Thanks to everybody who’s given us work or who’s taken the time to read this. Your support enables us to continue doing great things.