Sustainability and Strategy

Eni Puzzles

Eni’s Fearless Leader & CEO, Tom Sebazco was looking to redesign the packaging for his iconic Kim’s Column puzzle. Tom reluctantly believed that in order to meet his business goals, he needed a package redesign. However, the main hurdle confronting Eni was their inability to scale sustainably. Times Three presented a Lifecycle Analysis identifying multiple opportunities for ecological and economic resilience.

Ornithology Hot Sauce

When research scientist Miles Marnell created his own personal hot sauce he had named Ornithology, he knew it was special. Using ingredients from the Family Farm with no additives or preservatives, he used a secret technique to create a bottled hot sauce that after a year, still tasted like the day it was made. Times Three set out to engineer an iconic package for this game-changing product.

Subway international Ordering

Doctor’s Associates (the owners of Subway Sandwiches) were in a bit of a pickle. The very attributes that make Subway successful in the US, were directly impeding sales in other countries. Our goal was simple, refine the Subway experience to boost international sales. The results of our strategy deck were so successful, many of our interventions are present in US locations today.